Tribal Collection


Tribal interior design elements add character,curiosity, and intrigue. 

In recent 2 years we had many customers asking for artworks in Tribal ,Exotic, Ethnic theme. So after a little cooking, we prepared this special tribal collection and hopefully it could inspire you somehow.

I was in OneMBA program LATAM residency in Sao Paolo and Mexico city from Mar. 18 - 29, though missing the opportunity to meet with our old friends and customers in our company's annual trade-show in CIFF Guangzhou , the colorful trip to Brazil & Mexico had poured me hundreds of inspiration into the following design & creation of the year.

The first pic was took when we visited the famous landmark AZURE CASA (Blue House) in Mexico - Museum of Frida Kahlo with our international MBA classmates, walking through her house and gardens was an amazing experience, coupled with the incredible art collection. 

As for Frida Kahlo, her image has become a regular source of inspiration for designers, found on everything from cushions to candles. Seven Wall Arts Team decide to create 2 pieces fun design as an homage to Mexican Artist Frida Kahlo. 

Frida Kahlo is a Mexican painter claimed to be born on 1910. Her singular personality, characterized since her childhood by a deep sense of independence and rebellion against social and moral ordinary habits, moved by passion and sensuality, proud of her "Mexicanidad" .

Contemporary European designers also find plenty to inspire them in Mexican traditions, creating products that are a hybrid of cultures. It also coincides with a moment when folk-inspired design, handicrafts, bright colour and lush tropical motifs are all popular in interiors. Mexican culture was not just an inspiration to Frida Kahlo: it continues to be a rich source of decorating ideas now, too.

With flowing feathers and artfully handpainted details,There's no doubt that it's tonal chic decor, this native American headdress painting will brighten up the decor of a home, office or livingroom in no time at all.

This is a beautiful legend about Indian,the dream catcher helps to get rid of the nightmare, dreams gently slid through the center hole sleeper's mind,those nightmares are mounted in the net, then disappear at dawn. It is said that both good dreams and bad dreams circulate in the night air,nightmare pass through the holes and out of the window; the good dreams are trapped in the web ,slide down the feathers to the sleeping person.

Native American tribes consider the presentation of an eagle feather to be one of their highest marks of respect. Any honored person must have earned their feather through selfless acts of courage and honour, or been gifted them in gratitude for their work or service to their tribe.

Beauty portrait of an African woman wearing an white turban.There are so many things that make a black woman's face so beautiful. The variety of skin tones, plus the full yet distinctive features make it different in a myriad of ways.

The unicorn is a legendary creature that has been described since antiquity as a beast with a single large, pointed, spiraling horn projecting from its forehead.Vivid azure color create the feel of dream world, bring an immersive experience to you.

Create an accent in kidroom with these lovely art pieces. With the cute llama, you can make differences.

Colorful and bright taco truck. Taco is a traditional Mexican dish.

"Life is better when you taco."

We hope you enjoy reading this episode of newsletter as much as we edited it.

If you are interested in any of above artworks, feel free to send us an email drectly with Item No.,Qty for a photo quotation.

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Seven Wall Arts Team


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