Add A Touch of Beauty and Sophistication To Home or Office with Stunning Wall Arts

High quality custom wall art is normally too expensive for the average person to buy and display in their home. However, with modern art wall painting and canvas art prints the high quality wall arts can be displayed in any home/office.

Custom oil paintings 
can be done based on a favorite family photo, picture of a pet, wedding photo, or stunning sunset, or interesting site. These paintings are done by a professional artist based on an uploaded photo. The artist takes the photo and creates a one of a kind oil painting, sends a photo of the painting back to get approval or comments, makes changes to the painting based on the comments they receive and then once they receive approval send the painting based on the agreed upon charges.
Selected Art Works

Seven Wall Arts Inc. has samples of artist inspired art work that can be ordered. Once ordered the artist will make an oil painting just like the sample (with slight variations since all paintings are hand made individually). Paintings can be chosen based on the subject or choose a painting by a specific artist whose work is inspiring. Prices are set for these paintings making it easy to choose a painting within a particular budget. 

Selected Prints on Canvas

At we’re offering stunning wall prints with a reasonable price. These prints are high quality and can may be everything from beautiful scenery to whimsical subjects. The quality of these canvas prints are amazing and will look great displayed in any home. We also make wonderful gifts for anyone who loves art and is truly a gift that will be treasured.

We are a designer, manufacturer & brand owner ourselves, supply to high end global chain stores, famous home furnishing brands, interior designer and worldwide art gallery. The wall arts will add both beauty and sophistication to any home or office that it is displayed in. Many customers are truly astounded by the high quality of the work created and sold by us. 

The company ships it’s paintings to more than 20 different countries waving off the shipping cost. Professional painters and artists who have been painting for years are the ones who run this company, and here you always get what you are promised, and that promise is utmost quality and perfection. We are also looking for dealers in U.S. market, anyone who is interested to collaborate with us then feel free to call +1-909-919-9606 or email at


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