Seven Wall Arts is an art vendor to the home hospitality, corporate, and residential industries all over the world also is an online retailer in United State. Our team of in-house curators and consultants commission artworks from international artists. If you’d like to submit your work for consideration, please read over the submission guidelines and fill out the following form.


Required for Sunmission
  • High quality images of your work. Images must be free of copyrighted elements and watermarks, and must be proprietary to you, the artist.
  • A short blurb describing your art/practice.
  • A pricelist or pricing guide.
  • Whether you’re open to licensing artwork for large-scale reproduction.


Submission Process
  • Our team of curators will review your submission.
  • If your work is accepted for consideration, a representative of the Curation Department will reach out with more details and our standard artist agreement.
  • We receive a lot of submissions — your patience is appreciated!


Social Media

We love to promote new work! We feature new artists and artwork on our company tradeshows, our Facebook social media account, newsletter to our over 1000+ wholesalers & retailers; this allows us to market new and emerging artists directly to our clients. If you’re interested in being featured, please let us know and include the following in your submission:

  • A brief statement about your process.
  • Images of the artwork you’d like featured.
  • Images of you in the studio. A representative of Curation will get in touch if your work is accepted for social media promotion!


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