New Art Solution For Lower Cost

Seven Wall Arts has been well known for the consistent hand-painted quality for only keeping 10+ years sophiscated artsits. However, in some market, customer's budget on wall art is restrictly limited that can not afford hand painted products, what to do?

To help customer work out this challenge, we upgraded internal scanning and printing equipment last year. So this session is to share with you an example that, Seven Wall Arts Team can also offer the subtitute material and technique —— Canvas Print or Print plus hand-touches as a back up option.

For example, usually five star hotels would use 100% hand painted artworks, and economic hotels would adopt prints. When you watch it with a further step, canvas prints also make an great addition to the space while the price is more affordable, especially for hospitality space.

This turquoise abstract collection is tailored made for a famous hotel project based in Middle East. Customer asked us to hand-paint one piece of each artwork first, and then for the hotel rooms that would only used the print version, so the cost of whole project is comparatively lower than fully hand-painted pieces.

It provides a modern, felexible look that helps to complete a full design no matter what your taste is. Abstract art allows the viewer to interpret the image they see and doesn't try to portray realistic versions of the world.

*These spaces are not the real enviornment where the artworks is put on but just an mock up for the visual effect reference.

Swirling brush strokes, paired with blues, blacks, greys, and yellows. produce a calming aesthetic. Elevate your wall space with the vivid detail and vibrant colors of this eye-catching accent.

Bring the grandeur of the sea into your home with the "Abstract Blue Ocean" Canvas Wall Art. Printed on canvas and it shimmers like the ocean on a summer day.

Our wide selection of abstract wall art will suit any taste and style and 

comes in a variety of sizes, colors and materials, so you can find the 

perfect piece to fit your project.Take a look at all the different options 

available to find the perfect piece for your business.

Special Remarks:

Canvas Print is more affordable, but the condition is: the order quantity has to be mass and not just for 1 piece. Otherwise the procedure of making a first original piece and convert to a print version which would cost higher and takes longer than just hand painting one piece.

We hope this case would bring you some inspiration, in your future project or similar case that requires lower budget, welcome to contact us for consulting a solution. We will try our best to assist with your project demand.

Best Regards,

 Seven Wall Arts Team


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