New Animal Collection

For more than 15,000 years, humans and animals have lived and worked together. From tamed wolves to the carefully-bred and trained dogs of today, these animals have offered people assistance, protection and comfort since the earliest traces of our organized societies.

Man's honest friend-Dog.

Add a quaint and charming touch to any room of your home,The ideal figurative art piece for dog lovers, these wall art lends a wonderful artsy feel to your home decor.

The piece features a eye covetously kitty with many fishes , a fun find for cat lovers everywhere.Elevate your wall space with the vivid detail and vibrant colors of this eye-catching accent.


Featuring the delightful image of a pair of colorful toucans resting on a branch,brings charm and a touch of vitality to any decor.

Featuring vibrant acrylic paintings of corella painted on canvases,the 2 Pieces Branch & Flight Linen Canvas Wall Art brings tranquility and beauty to your home.

No matter who you are or where you live, love is sweet!

An elegant elephant will watch over your space,Handpainted on canvas and featuring a warming color palette with gold touches, in neutral yet warm grey on a linen textured background, this noble beast will add character, warmth, and fun to any décor,this stunning piece is a wonderful addition to any room.

If you are interested in any of above artworks, just reply drectly with Item No.,Qty for a photo quotation.

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